Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Round One - 2009

It is going to be a busy week with three different family Thanksgiving celebrations! Sunday was round one - my family. My mom hosted and prepared her usual decorated tables - lovely as always - and most of the food. The meal was amazing, we sang some Thanksgiving songs and then played some games. It was a wonderful day!

But there was one thing that made this Thanksgiving extra special! My nephew Miles was there! We haven't seen Miles or had any contact with him for close to twenty years - since he was two years old (long story). All the excitement started this last summer when my parents received a phone call from a woman saying that Miles was serving an LDS mission in her area and that he wanted to reconnect with his family from so many years past. We all could not have been more thrilled! So we have been emailing and catching up until he returned from his mission several days ago. And yesterday was the big reunion! I can only imagine how overwhelming it was for him - and I must admit we were all a little nervous - but it turned out great. I think everyone - including Miles - is just glad to have the initial meeting over and done with. Now we can move on to building relationships and catching up on too many years gone by.

Papa and Isaac

Grandma looking lovely in the kitchen

We were also celebrating my niece's 18th birthday!

Scaling the wall!

Tess and Miles
Cute family!
The littlest ones

The turkey bearer Miles - what a great guy!

I thought it was pretty funny that Papa ate his Thanksgiving dinner sitting on this chair! You can see the chair he was supposed to be sitting on underneath SJ.

If anyone wants to walk down memory lane, you can see Thanksgiving posts from 2007 and 2008.


Jennette said...

How wonderful to have met Miles! I can only imagine how excited everyone was to meet eachother. And, of course, it looks like your mom and dad put on yet another beautiful meal. They are something!

Diana Beck McCarty said...

Oh, I love it all!!
How exciting.

Julie said...

What a celebration. I'm so happy it went well! I. is looking so grown-up these days. Love the photo of SJ on big chair and grandpa on little chair.

The Harrises said...

What a reunion with Miles. I'm glad he could find your wonderful family.Beautiful tables!

Anna said...

That is a great story! How great to be reunited! Something to be really thankful for.
Also, I think your Mom is amazing.

momof6 said...

Emily, I just found your blog and was thrilled to hear about your reunion with Miles. I remeber babysitting him---crazy, I can't be that old. So glad to hear that your family is doing so well. We will be visiting my parents in Provo this Christmas. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see you adn the old OH6 gang.