Friday, November 13, 2009

Latest Reads

I chose my two most recent books from recommendations on Desperate for a Good Read.

1. The Far Pavilions by M.M. Kaye
I really, really liked this book. It just might be in my top ten favorites. Not based on it's literary value. M.M. Kaye is not the most brilliant writer - but she is an amazing storyteller. This two-inch thick novel was published in 1978 and instantly became a worldwide best-seller. It is a saga - an epic tale of a British man born and raised in India in the mid 1800's. My friend Anna gives more info in her review of the book HERE. Note: There are some slow parts and honestly - go ahead a skip the last two books (chapters) unless you are interested in reading about the political unrest between British-occupied India and Afghanistan. Also - this book was made into a TV miniseries in the 1980's. I am expecting the first episode from Netflix any day now but from the reviews I am not expecting much.

2. Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky
I enjoyed this book. It is historical fiction based on the German occupation of France during WWII. But the author's own story is what makes this book so compelling. Jennette gives a great review HERE.


The Harrises said...

The Suite Francaise should be a good follow up to the Potato Society, if I can tolerate more heartbreaking war stories.

Did you get Mat's follow-up email, regarding the camera? I believe he sent it last night, but I was too engrossed in my book to notice.

Have a good weekend. Curious what the adventurous family is up to today.

Jen said...

Emily, I am about 200 pages from the end of Far Pavilions. I have really enjoyed it--thanks for the recommendation. It is starting to drag a bit, but I am still staying up way too late reading it. Very satisfying. We also have the miniseries on the Netflix queue. ANd we also recently finished Little Dorritt. I will try to send you an email soon to give you my thoughts.

Anna said...

I'm glad you liked Far Pavillions. Since it isn't a great book in the literary sense I was worried about recommending it, but the story is so wonderful (minus the dull ending. It totally should have ended at the rescue.)