Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Looking Back...November 2003

November 2003. We had been living in MP about 3 months. Wes was just starting his residency. We loved our little apartment and we were thrilled to live close to our cousins! One month after Cate was born, Dave and Connie flew out for her blessing. Here are some not-so-good pictures of that memorable day. Little did we know that that next year would be one of the hardest years of our married life! But thank goodness for family and friends who made all the difference!


The Harrises said...

What is the girl's name in the family picture that is standing to he right of her mom? She looks so familiar.

Julie said...

Oh, the good ol'days! I miss it, and I hardly remember the tough parts. I loved coming to MP to visit you guys. Fun, fun, fun!