Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day - Rock Climbing and a Birthday Celebration

We started off our Labor Day holiday with a trip to the mountains for some rock climbing.

SJ was the first to climb.  She did awesome - climbed up without any difficulty and only got a little nervous on the way back down.

After the kids flashed the first two climbs, Wes decided to move to something a little trickier.  As I was still belaying the first route, Addie was tied to tree in order to belay Wes as he bolted the second route.  And it's a good thing!  She was literally lifted off the ground at some points.

I-man was the first to go.  It was definitely difficult but he made it! (Wearing his Bear Grylls shirt helped I think!)

Cate was the next to go.  She made it to the top too - she's a natural!

Little Miss Addie was the last to go.  She was also sporting a Bear Grylls shirt which left no question as to whether or not she would make it to the top! 

Later that evening we celebrated Grandma Jan's birthday with dinner from Cafe Rio, a rousing game of "Don't Eat Pete!", Uno and Quiddler.
We know we are always in for a good game with Grandma Jan and Great Grandma Eldine. 

We finished off the celebration with dessert at Orange Leaf.  It turned out to be a fantastic holiday!

I will be signing off for a while.  Wes and I are leaving for a "holiday" of our own.  Want to know where we are going?
Click HERE.
So lucky.
We are going HERE too.  I just can't believe it!
There will be plenty to blog about when we return.  Au revoir!


Julie said...

Fantastic! Can't wait to hear about ALL of it!!

The Harrises said...

I was going to suggest that we go rock climbing, but it looks like you're leaving the country. We will hook up after so we can have to hook up after. I can't wait to hear all about it.