Thursday, September 29, 2011

England/France - Day 4 -Cambridge and Arrival at Charingworth Manor

The next morning we borrowed our friends car, braved driving on the Left side of the road (well, Wes did) and drove to Cambridge.  We stopped at Carluccio's for a treat - it took all my self control to not buy everything in the store!
Wes bought a raspberry meringue that became "the never-ending meringue."  He threw what was left of it away the day before we left to come home.
Cambridge is a lovely town!
We ran across an outdoor market.  We bought a scarf for Addie.  James bought some dates and figs!

King's Chapel at King's College.  Started in 1446 by Henry VI, it took over a century to build.  This may sound familiar because of the famous broadcast from this cathedral every Christmas Eve.

We spotted the missionaries!  Doesn't that lady looked thrilled about hearing the good news of the gospel?  Oh dear.  We waited around to speak to the missionaries and to make the typical Mormon network connections - but they were too engrossed in their discussion.
And besides...we had an appointment with Martin to go punting on the river Cam!

James, Becca, Poppy and Martin in the background.
Bridge over the rive Cam = "Cambridge"

We stopped for a tour of the inside of King's Chapel.  Extraordinary!
King's college in the background.  These buildings function as student housing, administration offices, dinner halls and meeting halls.
King's Chapel in the background.

We were losing daylight fast so we hopped in the car and started off towards the Cotswolds where we were to stay the night.  We stopped quickly for a peek at Warwick Castle.  We also drove through Stratford on Avon to see Anne Hathaway's house (Shakespeare's wife).  Unfortunately it was dark by then.
It was completely dark by the time we arrived at our destination - Charingworth Manor.  We could see the Manor in the distance - all lit up with twinkly lights as we drove the long and winding road.  But we really had no idea what to expect - "B&H" had made the arrangements for us.  The house was very old with stone floors and old timbers.  We were led up narrow staircases to two rooms at the very top of the house.  They both had pitched ceilings with exposed beams.  We could tell this place was cool!  Even though it was close to 9:00 pm - they sat us down in their restaurant where we had an incredible 3 course meal that was absolutely divine!  We slept very well that night.  We couldn't wait to see the Manor and the surrounding area when we woke in the morning!


Anna said...

I'm getting such a high living vicariously through you. What fun. We had quite the fun experience punting on the Cam. Our punter had a ferocious potty mouth....
Anxiously awaiting each post :)

Becca said...

Your blogging is awesome! Your pictures wonderful! What good times!