Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Park City Family Reunion 2011 - The Olympic Park

One of the coolest things we did was visit the Olympic Park.

We were able to watch some ski jumpers in training.  It was so cool!

The aerials were amazing!!
Members of the audience.

The real ski jumps used in the winter.

Kids in our family learn very early that Daddy likes to jump.  Wes likes to jump over things like chairs, cars, couches...even the kids!  The kids have followed his example and are always on the lookout for things to jump over.  The challenge?  "Can you clear it?"

We spent a few minutes browsing the Olympic Museum.
Carrying the torch!

This was a lot of fun!  I would highly recommend visiting the Olympic Park if you are in the area.  You can watch the training for free during the week.  On Saturdays there are aerial shows - but there is a small charge.

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