Friday, August 19, 2011

Bear Lake - Day Two

Day two we spent out on the lake on our friend's boat.

We set up on the beach and let the kids paddle around on the long board.

Then we took off on the boat.  Wes was the first on the water.

I-man was next.  The first time he has ever tried water-skiing...
The cheering section.
And he got up on the first try!!
He stayed up on the skis for so long we thought maybe he didn't know how to stop.  When he finally let go -  he asked us, "Why did you stop?  I wanted to keep going!"  What a kid!
Addie was next.  It was the first time for her too and - again - up on the first try!

The tube.  Cate was a little apprehensive at first...
It looked like she was having fun...
...until I zoomed in!  Poor Cate - she didn't love the tube.  But everyone else had a great time - even SJ!
Boating can really wear you out! the campfire.

Sketching the moon rising over Bear Lake.

Yummy smores!
And "stick biscuits" or "tarts" - whatever you want to call them.
A great couple!

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Sadie said...

Thanks for the fun time - I love all the pictures!