Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gift Idea

We are grateful for all of the fun and generous gifts that SJ received for her 3rd birthday! But Grandma Jan and Great Grandma Eldine's gift was a unique idea that I wanted to pass along. They gave her a subscription to National Geographic Little Kids. We have received two issues so far (they come every two months) and we have loved them. I love the fact that the magazine is small for small hands, it isn't very long and has very simple stories, animal facts, recipes and craft activities. Every issue has animal cards to punch out and SJ loves carrying these around in a little bag. The magazine is recommended for kids ages 3-6 so Cate also has enjoyed it.

So if you are looking for a fun and different gift idea for a younger child - check it out! (There is also a National Geographic Kids for older children ages 6-12. And don't forget about Ranger Rick! That was the magazine that I received when I was a kid. I still have copies of Ranger Rick floating around the house!)

Thanks Grandma Jan and Great Grandma Eldine!


Jen said...

We subscribed to NG Kids a few years ago and enjoyed it, too. The one, though, that has been a hit for a long time now is Kids' Discover. Emma LOVES it, and I'm guessing we'll have a subscription for some child or another for years to come. I also like it b/c it doesn't have any ads.

MollyE said...

This is a great idea!

Darren and Chrissy said...

We subscribe to that and they love it!

Diana Beck McCarty said...

The perfect gift idea! I'm gonna do it for Maggie.