Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Quick Get-Away

We just returned from spending a few days in St. George. It was nice to get-away and spend time with family and friends. Although the weather wasn't was definitely warmer than here. We were able to do some swimming, hiking, eating out and hanging out. It was just what we needed to help get us through a few more dreary months of winter.
Playing basketball and hiking:
You can't see it but Wes is riding a ripstick in the picture.

We hiked to see some amazing petraglyphs. These petraglyphs have only recently been open to the public and even still - not many people know about them. There was a man there that told me they have been carbon dated to be 500-3000 years old. Some date back to the Anasazi civilization but most were created by the ancestral pueblan people whose descendants still live in the area. In fact the petraglyph area is still used as a teaching center for members of Piute tribe.

Then we explored what we call the "Sugar Loaf." It refers to the really cool rock formations located on the North side of St. George. My mom told me that my grandpa proposed to my grandma on the "Sugar Loaf".

"The Crack" - a very skinny slot canyon that we hiked through (squoze through!)

SJ didn't even have to turn to the side!
Wes nicknamed this little side exit "The Birth Canal." Only a few of us (not me) attempted it!
Looking back on what I just came through.
We made it!

We enjoyed great weather the first two days. The last day it rained so we went to a wildlife museum.

The insect collection was my favorite!
I love St. George!


The Harrises said...

Looks like fun and thanks for the image of the woman parts, Wes! I never thought of the Narrows that way.

Where are these petraglyphs located?

Julie said...

The amazing adventure family is at it again! You are so brave to go through the crack.
Looks like you had loads of fun!

Ann Mitchell said...

I see Thomas! OK, so I love St. George, too! I was actually born there...while my dad taught at the college! (He had Elders Holland and Hafen in classes!) I also went to jr. college school!!!

Diana Beck McCarty said...

You guys to the FUNNEST stuff! I hope to be that active with my girls when they're older.
Just looking at those slot canyon pictures freaks me out.

Jennette said...

That looks so fun!! What a great trip. And I'm so glad that we got to see you before you took off. Thanks again...we loved it!

Anna said...

There is too much to see before we move. I'll have to find out how to get to those petroglyphs from you. I remember exploring sugarloaf with you and our pals back in the day. I love St. George too!