Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Magic Show

Sunday evening Addie delivered a tiny envelope to each member of the family:

Looks like she discovered my old magic show kit from when I was a kid!

She had this note taped up behind her.

The audience

Let the show begin!

Cate provided some entertainment during the intermission.

On with the show!

Isaac decided to show us a few tricks of his own

Cate had to join in the fun too

This wiggly audience member was the only one that was glad to see it end.

And let me tell you! It was amazing!


Anna said...

Emily, you guys have the most creative, awesome kids! Well done Addie.

KatiK said...

So fun! Your kids are great. I'm so impressed you still had your magic kit. Awesome!

Julie said...

Gosh! I missed out. Maybe a replay evening would be in order - with cousins. Although the pleading, innocent face of SJ hits me hard.

Kip said...

A Clark family tradition! I did a magic show for my 5th grade talent show. Can't remember a thing about it now, but it was sure fun at the time.

The Harrises said...

That is very clever Addie. I like her little magician poses.
Yup! SJ is looking not amused and a little annoyed. Whatever the pose, your kids are getting more beautiful by the day! They each have their own individual personalities too.

Jennette said...

Too fun! I agree with Anna, your kids and their creativity are #1.

Nikki said...

I remember that magic kit!!! I loved the trick with the cup of milk in the newspaper... I remember doing that one in your kitchen with the yellow plates... :) Good times.

Ann Mitchell said...

Addie's amazing!