Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Break 2007

We've had a really fun break so far with lots of time spent playing games, visiting family and friends, eating good food and enjoying the snow. A few of the highlights:

A visit with the "Greats." We had a nice afternoon visiting Grandma and Grandpa Great. The kids really enjoy these visits because it might include chocolate milk, popsicles, kaleidoscopes, ping pong and/or Grandpa Great taking out his dentures and singing "All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth." The kids also get to perform some type of talent for a very attentive audience. This time the kids sang a few Christmas songs, explored the basement using Grandma Great's walker, were treated with rootbeer and clementines and, of course, got to hear a song sung by a toothless Grandpa Great. A few snapshots:
The kids think Grandpa Great is a lot of fun

Grandma Great browsing a photo album we gave them for Christmas

Cate's favorite thing to do is jump on the mini-trampoline

Sarah Jane got a lot of attention

Grandma Great's pill bottles make a great rattle for SJ

Grandpa Dave took a break from fixing Grandpa Great's computer to join in the fun. That's four generations!

Eugene x 3

After a fun visit, we stopped by to catch up with some old med school friends. So happy to have the Binghams close again! And thanks for the yummy pie! For dinner we went to The Mayan Restaurant . We had a great time! The food is average but the cliff divers are awesome! The restaurant is like a jungle inside and every 30 minutes, actors perform an ancient Mayan ceremony and then do fancy dives into a pool of water. It's pretty cool. And I hear there are fire dancers on Wednesday nights!

The next few days included taking the kids skiing for the first time, pizza with the Matesens, playing in the snow with the Kelsch family, dinner and a Jazz game with friends, shopping, and playing games with the family. New Years Eve was spent with some friends eating crab legs and cheese fondue, watching movies, and playing games. I didn't think the kids would last until midnight but they made it! We had such a good time!

Well, that's it for now. It's been busy but so much fun and the best part is we still have a couple days left! Happy New Year!

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Julie said...

The Greats! I love that you call them that, because...afterall...they are just so great! Cute photos.