Sunday, October 28, 2007

Carving Pumpkins

The kids have been anxiously waiting to carve their pumpkins. Saturday was the day. Wes helped Cate carve hers - and even brought out his drill to add some effects. Addie used a pattern but did the carving all on her own. Isaac did his own bat drawing and also carved his own. I made up my own design and it only halfway worked. But I used a white pumpkin so that was cool!

Here are the finished products: Cate/Wes did the cat, Addie did the witch with the crystal ball, Isaac did the bat, and I did the maple leaf

And what was the drill used for you say? Besides the eyes and the full moon, Wes did this to each pumpkin: (sorry but these slide show things are so much quicker for me than uploading photos to blogger)

Wes and I were invited to an adults only costume party that night. We were supposed to bring a treat to share and I had read about this idea on my cousin's blog . It turned out pretty cute.

The best costume idea we could come up with was a butterfly and butterfly catcher. You can't really see the extent of my costume in the picture. The hood thing looked pretty dorky so I didn't wear that but I did have some purple fake eyelashes on.


Diana said...

Every single one of those carved pumpkins is GORGEOUS!! You two look adorable for your party, too.

Jennifer said...

HOW FUN, Em!! I looove the pumpkins! We're lazy - we had the kiddos decorate with stickers!

You and Wes look so cute for your party! What a good idea ... butterfly and butterfly catcher! So creative!

Julie said...

I bow down to you who know how to celebrate Halloween with true spirit, dedicated energy & GUSTO. Are you professional pumpkin carvers? And, what about those costumes! Excellent idea!! Bravo! Bravo!!