Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's his birthday shout Hooray!

Here are 10 random things you may or may not know about the birthday boy:

1. He can play "House of the Rising Sun" on the autoharp

2. He likes to jump. And he can jump pretty high! He jumps over things like...our kids. He was trying on some shoes at Cabelas the other night. He took two steps and jumped over a shopping cart right there in the shoe department!

3. He used to wrestle in high school. And still loves to wrestle with the kids. "Super-squeezer," "Super-tickler" and "Super-puncher" are their nicknames.

4. He can't stand to hear the word "moisture" - and goes around whispering it in everyone's ear.

5. Likes to imagine he is Bear Grylls - and is one step closer now since I gave him some "Bear Grylls" pants for his birthday.

6. Took a course in "Flexibility" and "Badminton" in college.

7. He is a huge scouter and became Wood Badge certified in his early twenties.

8. Took me rock climbing for our first date.

9. He is a "cat person" not a "dog person."

10. Eats instant oatmeal with hot water from the tap every morning for breakfast.

Ever since he was a kid - he felt jilted because his birthday was so close to Christmas. So let's give him a shout-out on his special day ok? Leave your birthday wishes and anything else "random" you remember about Wes.


Rachel said...

I feel like there is no end to the number of things I don't know about Wes. Truly, a renaissance man of many mysteries (I like blending catch phrases). And a great tumbler.

Happy Birthday Wes!

Anna said...

That jumping thing is unreal.
Of course one of my favorite memories of Weston was when he got to tour our first Omaha apartment with us at one in the morning after a long day of driving....I remember him walking around trying to point out the positive "features" of that place. He managed to find some. Well done.
Happy Birthday!!!!

katik said...

Moisture is a very unattractive word, I understand his issue there:). Happy Birthday to Wes from the Koffords!

Becca said...

Happy birthday Weston! Hey guys, I love love love your Christmas picture! Merry Christmas!

The Barton's said...

Happy Birthday WS!!!! Too bad I forgot the brownies to work today. The jumping thing really makes me laugh.

Kip said...

Wes is one of the best guys around, I have to say. Funny, smart, fun, hard working, kind, creative, loyal, energetic, great with kids and adults, virtuous, lovely, of good report, and praiseworthy. You found a gem, Em. Happy, happy birthday to Wes! Thanks for all that you do.

PS I agree that December birthdays can be a bit of a bummer. Most of the people I know with December birthdays have their birthday overlooked during the holidays. Sorry.b

Julie said...

Wes, you're one of a kind. We love you! Happy Birthday!!!!

amushink said...

Happy merry Birthday, Wes.

Seems like badminton and flexibility would be a dangerous combination.

Nellie said...

Happy Birthday, Wes, from the Binghams! I wish we lived in Alpine so you could be our ped. And build us a treehouse, and fix up our house and . . . well, you get the idea. Such a multi-talented dude.

The Harrises said...

A cat person, really? I would have never pinned that on him. Happy birthday Wes.

He is also has theatrical skills.

He can skin a squirrel.

He builds tree houses for fun.