Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kauai - Gaylords, Napali Coast, Larry Rivera, Piopu, Waimea Canyon

We enjoyed an amazing dinner (with a train ride included) at Gaylords, a restored plantation.

The next day we drove to the North shore and hiked a trail on the NaPali coast.
It was a drizzly day which made for a nice cool hike, but terrible crazy mud that caked our shoes and splattered our legs.
We felt a little unsure about this sign.  It has tick marks for the number of deaths at the beach we were hiking to.

The homes close to the beach were built on stilts to avoid the flood waters.
We rushed back to the hotel and quickly cleaned ourselves up for a date we had that evening.  A couple we met at church, Nikki and Dennis, were staying at the same hotel and invited us to join them for dinner and to enjoy the live entertainment, Larry Rivera.  He used to perform with Elvis and they were huge fans - Nikki even brought her ukulele for him to autograph!  
Once he found out, he requested that she join him for one of their numbers.  Here they are rehearsing.
Cafe Portofino
Larry Rivera performing with his daughter.
Nikki and another audience member joined in for one song.

Little did we know there would be even more audience participation!  Yes - that is me doing some impromptu hula dancing.
The next day we went to the South shore to Poipu beach.  We snorkeled and relaxed.  This sea turtle came up on the beach to rest.

We took these pictures for Isaac.  He was so excited about the car we were driving!

Driving up Waimea canyon we saw this interesting waterfall.

And some spectacular views of the canyon!

Hawaii's Grand Canyon
Wes took a quick hike to the top of one of the waterfalls.  He even tracked himself with an app and he ended up setting a record for the speed of his hike!

The Tunnel of Trees was very cool!

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