Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Quick Christmas Tree

We knew the kids were anxious to get into the spirit of Christmas and coming home from Hawaii, we didn't have one decoration up.  So we stopped on the way home from the airport and picked up a tree.  Within a few hours of arriving home, we had it up, lighted and decorated! 

 Isaac played Christmas carols on the cello while we decorated.
 A few other pictures of the Christmas decorations.  These tiny angels belonged to Weston's Grandma Ruth.  I think they are very sweet.
 We actually did have some Christmas decorations up when we arrived home.  Connie and the kids had made these elaborate and beautiful paper snowflakes and placed them in the windows.  It was festive and made up for the lack of real snow on the ground.

 And I found the perfect spot for my stamped metal Christmas garland I bought in Kauai.

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