Thursday, March 13, 2014

Eugene Kreile Spencer 9/22/1924-3/6/2014

Weston's grandfather Eugene passed away this last week at the age of 89.  He was a remarkable man who lived a good life and lived it to the fullest.  He loved his friends and family and touched the lives of everyone he met.  He was a character - full of humor, stories, laughs and songs.  We knew him as "Th'ol Bear" or "Grandpa Great."  The family just won't be the same without him! We will miss him dearly.

Some of our favorite memories of Grandpa Great:
- Ping Pong
- Chocolate milk and cinnamon graham crackers
- Good and Plenty candies
- Brand new, crisp $2 bills
- His unique and clever inventions
- His songs, "Sweet Adeline" and "K K K Katie"
- Coveralls
- Christmas cards from Th'ol Bear in envelopes filled with confetti
- Him removing his dentures and singing, "All I Want For Christmas is a Face With Teeth!"
- Racquetball
- BINGO at the Senior Center

Three generations of Eugenes (Weston's and his Dad's middle name is Eugene).  Add Isaac to the picture and it would be four generations! (2007)
Gene was known for his coveralls. (2007)
Halloween 2010
Without the mask
With the mask
Cate's baptism 2011

Connie's Jubilee birthday party 2012 (Addie is wearing Grandpa Great's glasses).
My mom's funeral 2012.  Grandpa Great pulled Isaac aside and sang him a sweet song.

Grandpa Great loved to play BINGO at the Senior Center.  So at our family reunion last summer, we all joined in for one of his favorite activities.
He even won a prize - a box of kleenex!
Grandpa Great was able to attend our Donuts in the Driveway last Fall and found himself to be the subject of a sketch artist (our neighbor's son).
Christmas 2013
We visited Grandpa Great on Valentine's Day so the kids could deliver their Valentines.  He loved having visitors.  He sang us a couple of songs and told us some stories. 
This was the last visit we had with Grandpa Great before he got sick.  I am so grateful I took this picture.  I love it.
Here he is telling us the story of how he won this hat (that lights up) at BINGO night.
He was truly one of a kind.  He will be missed.  We love you Grandpa Great!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Isaac's Headed to State!

Isaac's science fair project made it through both the school and district level and is now headed to the state level at BYU!
His project was all about what material conducts sound the best.

 Way to go Isaac!

Cate's Valentines Box

Cate made such a darling Valentines box for her school class!  It was a Valentines barn - with a tiny Valentines pig in the window.

Way to go Cate!

Valentines to the Grandparents

We spent the evening of Valentine's Day visiting Grandpa Great and Grandma Jan, Don and Great Grandma Eldine.  

First stop - Th'ol Bear - Grandpa Great.
He was thrilled with the Valentines the kids had made him.

 Here he is telling the story of how he won this hat that lights up at BINGO night at the local senior center.
 Next we delivered our Valentines to Grandma Jan, Don and Great Grandma Eldine.  Grandma Jan had a very special birthday surprise for Sarah Jane!  An entire Chinese outfit with matching shoes, a necklace with her name in Chinese and a Chinese purse!  Sarah was absolutely thrilled and couldn't wait to wear the outfit to school (she is currently in a Chinese immersion program at our school).  I especially love both Sarah and Eldine's mismatched socks.
 The perfect gift for our little China girl!  

SJ Turns 7!!!

My baby turned 7 years old this past month!  I can hardly believe it and yet I couldn't be happier!  Maybe it is because she is still so tiny that it doesn't feel like she is growing up too fast.  She is such a delight and brings so much joy to our family.

My friend and neighbor Sheri (who made Isaac and Cate's birthday cakes when we were in Europe) surprised Sarah with a cheetah cake, with cheetah candles shaped like the number 7!  Wow - thanks to Sheri - Sarah's birthday was a cinch for me!

 And a brand new bike for the birthday girl!  (With some wrestlers in the background.)

 Since we only did a quick celebration on her actual birthday, we decided to go ice skating the next night.  Sarah loves to ice skate!  Especially now that she doesn't have her cast anymore.
 The following Sunday we joined as a family to celebrated Sarah's birthday and also to remember my mom on her birthday.
 Sarah loved her gifts.
 "Chocolate cake with a custard like center" - it's a mouthful to say but it was one of my mom's favorites!

 Aunt Tess gave Sarah some straw glasses.
 Then we decided to get Shakira out for a while.  She has grown to almost 8 feet!  She's pretty heavy for just one person to hold.
 It was a wonderful celebration - with family and Shakira!
Happy Birthday SJ!