Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Homecoming Dance - Twice!

Addie was thrilled to get invited the the Homecoming Dance - twice! For two different high schools! Let the dress shopping begin!  Sadly we didn't love any of these dresses.

But we found she did love and she looked beautiful!
The clutch purse belonged to my mother.
Addie and Wyatt.
I'm relatively new to this whole dance thing and I hadn't realized that around here, each dance is accompanied by an elaborate photo shoot with several parents and usually involving a professional photographer.  It was like an engagement shoot!  Quite silly, really.  But I went along and took lots of photos of which I will only showcase a few here.


Here is Addie from the second Homecoming dance she attended - this time with a nice young man named Bryson.  This time there was no photo shoot.

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