Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Charles and Tessa Clark Reunion - Oakley, ID - Extras

I wanted to include just a few extra shots of our time spent in Oakley.
On the drive up, we stopped at a restaurant that had pleasant outdoor seating.  Although the flies drove us crazy, I really liked their use of burlap potato bags as a canopy.  Very appropriate for Idaho!

My family arrived the day before the start of the reunion so we decided to take a stroll through Oakley with my dad giving us a private tour of the historical sites.
This is the canal right across the street from my dad's childhood home.  He learned to swim in this canal and shared his memories of ice skating up and down it in the winter.

The garage where he used to park the truck he drove as a teenager.

We visited the Clark's store where dad again shared his memories of time spent there.

We spent some time in the butchering area of the store where the guys were fascinated with the stun gun and the rifle used to kill the cows and pigs.

We sneaked upstairs to see what it looked like.  My dad remembers a billiards table being here - it was some sort of a hang out space I think.  Now it's just storage.  But we think there might be some treasures buried in there!

There was plenty of time to relax in the shade of the huge trees at the Haight Bed and Breakfast.

In the evenings we would walk a couple of clocks to get an ice cream cone.
One night the kids did shadow puppets after the outdoor movie was over.

Isaac spent his nights in the hammock.

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