Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Charles and Tessa Clark Reunion - Oakley, Idaho - Evening Program

After the large Clark family photo, we literally walked across the street to the Heritage Station (an event center) for our evening dinner and program.  It was a very nice event space that was beautifully decorated and just fit our group size - approximately 120 people.
 We enjoyed a nice catered lasagna dinner and continued reconnecting with our relatives.

The evening program consisted first of a reading of some love letters that were written between Charles and Tessa around the time of their engagement.  Their personalities and sweet sense of humor really came out in these letters!  Following that, Shawn read a letter that Uncle John Clark wrote to my dad sister's Helen after my dad's father passed away.  The letter described the tender love that Charles and Tessa had for each other.  Theirs truly was a love story to remember!  Lastly, we watched a slide show of old family photos.  It was the perfect finale to a very memorable day.
Each person received a copy of a sketch that was done of the Clark home and a Clark candy bar.

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