Friday, October 3, 2014

Charles and Tessa Clark Family Reunion - Oakley, Idaho - Historical Tour

After lunch we dispersed in different groups to go on a historical tour of the City of Oakley.

Here we are at the Oakley cemetery where many of father's aunts and uncles are buried.
One of the highlights of the tour was the home where my father and his siblings were raised.  It still stands and looks very similar to how it looked when they lived there.  My dad's 3 sisters were stationed inside to share memories and answer questions.

Another one of the main highlights on the tour was the Clark's store - originally known as the Oakley Merc.  It's just 1 block down the street from the Clark home.  My grandfather and his brothers started their partnership in 1924 and opened this store in the 1930s.  
My dad  was the tour guide for the Clark's store.  Here he is pointing out the stool that is on display.  When he was young he used to sit on that stool to fit people for shoes.
Heber J. Grant signed the original insurance policy when they opened the store.

Brother and sister

Each family had their picture taken in front of the old Clark home.

The Oakley Merc - known today as Clark's for Shopping.  Other tour stops included the Oakley museum, the location of the tabernacle that burned down, the location of the elementary school, the opera house, Rainbow Hall, the Haight Home and other historical sites.
The afternoon was also an opportunity to visit and spend time with family.

At the end of the tour everyone gathered underneath the outside of the store for a large family picture under the Clark's sign.

Harlow (my dad's cousin's son) now owns the store.  They provided the brown bag lunches for us.  He is also the fire chief and made the arrangements for us to use the firehouse.  We couldn't have had this reunion without his help.  So we presented him with a t-shirt as a thank you. 

As the light started to fall, we walked across the street to the Heritage Station - the location for our dinner and evening program.

It was the perfect evening!

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