Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Charles and Tessa Clark Family Reunion - Oakley, Idaho - City of Rocks

One of the highlights of this past summer was a family reunion we planned for all of the descendants of my dad's parents, Charles and Tessa Clark.  They raised their family in Oakley, Idaho where they ran a market that still exists today.  In fact many of the buildings and sites related to the Clark family history still stand today.  4 of the 7 Clark siblings are still alive and my dad and I wanted to gather everyone to Oakley one last time to celebrate our heritage there.

The first day of the reunion we gathered at City of Rocks National Reserve.  My father and his siblings spent much of their youth exploring and hiking in City of Rocks.  We met at the ranger station where we heard a presentation on the history of the area and then we spent some time site-seeing and hiking.

Most of these reunion pictures were taken by Alan Staker and Mark Marriott - our designated photographers.  Thanks to both of them!

Uncle Bill knew this area better than anyone and pointed out some of the highlights.
Like this rock that looks like the silhouette of a monkey's face.

Part of our group climbed to the top of bathtub rock.

This is Charlie - our reunion mascot.

Register Rock

We dispersed for the evening to our separate accommodations (most of the family was staying in Burley).  My family spent the evening setting up for the next day's events at the Oakley Firehouse. 

 A few of us stopped by the "Bump and Run" - the local demolition derby and then Wes set up an outdoor movie for the kids at the Haight Bed and Breakfast - our home in Oakley for the duration of the reunion. 

 My dad was tickled to run into one of his best days from his growing up years in Oakley.  My dad was actually the best man at his friend's wedding and they haven't seen each other since.

 It was an emotional reunion.

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