Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Road Trip to Canada - Waterton

One of the biggest attractions in this part of Canada is Waterton Lakes National Park so we spent a day visiting this area.

On the drive into the park we spotted this juvenile brown bear just off the side of the road!  It was only about 30 feet from our car.  I snapped some quick photos before it scurried off into the brush.

We hiked the Bear's Hump which was a short but tough hike. It was totally worth it to see these views!

We were so proud of Addie!  She pushed all the way to the top despite extreme knee pain.

Isaac spent most the time trying to get the chipmunks to eat from his hand.  They were pretty friendly!

Lichen growing on these leaves - very interesting!

The Prince of Wales hotel was built in 1927.  

We stopped for dinner and then enjoyed some ice cream.

Skipping rocks on the lake.
We found this deer hiding in the middle of town.
The perfect skipping rock!
Cate's "rock socks."
Cameron Falls
Red Rock Canyon - we saw what was happening down in the canyon and knew we couldn't keep the kids away.

The water was icy cold but of course Isaac was the first one in.

Shawn couldn't resist.
There were some butterflies lingering about.
Cate took the plunge too!  Go Cate!

Sarah stripped down and splashed around.

The drive home.  We loved seeing the yellow fields of canola against the blue sky.


Julie said...

These photos are AMAZING!

Julie said...

So very beautiful.