Saturday, August 2, 2014

Road Trip to Canada - Idaho Falls and Dillon Montana

One week after we returned from Virginia, we loaded up the cars and headed North.  Our destination was Magrath, Alberta in Canada to visit my mother's cousin Dawn.  And to make it extra fun, my dad, my brother Shawn and his son Miles came along for the ride. 
Here we are in Idaho Falls - our lunch stop.

We ate at a yummy little Mexican place that had these festive chairs!
As we passed through Idaho into Montana we viewed some spectacular scenery - high mountain passes and green valleys with rolling hills.  We arrived in Dillon (where we spent the night) right as the sun started to set.  We drove out into the country to take in the true "Wild Montana Skies."  And in homage to John Denver, Addie and I sang the song in harmony. 

After a quick late-night run to Dairy Queen where we fought off the mosquitoes in order to finish our ice cream, we turned in for the night.  We had another long drive ahead of us the next day!

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Anna said...

Growing up my family took a trip to Waterton and I remember the STUNNING scenery along the drive. Would love to do this trip again.