Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Road Trip to Canada - The Frame Factory

Our relatives in Magrath own a frame factory there and wanted to give us a tour. It was so interesting! I never would have thought frame making could be so interesting!
For such a small factory, they sure do reach far and wide with their sales!
They specialize in round and oval frames.
They also sell frames with domed glass.  This is a picture of my grandmother's brother, Rondo.

The kids loved the paper shredder!
We watched as a woman took a big sheet of glass and cut an oval out of it.  She placed the ovals in this oven that reached a high enough temperature that the glass would start to bend.  This is how they make the domed glass for the oval frames.
Jamie was our tour guide.
Bubble wrap is always a hit!

We were lucky enough to get to make our very own frames!  We started by sanding the edges with sand paper.
Then we used the electric sander to make it extra smooth.
We each chose our own color of glaze and applied it ourselves.

It was amazing to watch this huge CRC router cut the frames out of giant pieces of MDF!
Fun times at the frame factory!!!

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