Monday, August 4, 2014

Road Trip to Canada - Bridge Jumping!

Shortly after our arrival in Magrath, Dawn's son Jamie came over with his family (they live just a few doors down). His kids are similar in ages to my kids which worked out great! They invited the kids to go "bridge jumping" which is a favorite activity in Magrath.  They weren't sure what they were in for but everyone was excited!

I didn't join in the bridge jumping but I thoroughly enjoyed soaking in the setting sun and the breathtaking scenery!
The canola plant was in bloom so the countryside was blanketed with fragrant yellow flowers.  It was so beautiful!
Let the bridge jumping begin!

Tim was the first one to jump - to show everybody how it's done!
I-man was next!

Addie finally made the plunge into the canal.

Wes and the GoPro

Go Miles!

Sarah watching from the sidelines.
Cate and Mandy tried tubing down the canal.

Skipping rocks.

It was a fun and unique evening!

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