Friday, July 25, 2014

Summer Trip to the East - Virginia - La Vallee - Other Activities

There were so many fun things to do at La Vallee, we never wanted to leave!
There were plenty of games of tennis - with and without shoes.
When Cate wasn't playing tennis, she was rocking out!
The kids were more excited about seeing fireflies than anything else!!  Every night at dusk, it was magic!
We even caught a few!

On Sunday we attended the small Powhatan ward.  We have never felt so welcomed!  The members of the ward just couldn't get over why we were there - in the middle of rural Virginia - visiting their ward!  We even met the missionaries (it was their first Sunday in the ward too) and come to find out one of the Elders is from Highland!  Small world!  
The first night at La Vallee we accidentally left the door open and a bird flew inside.  Luckily Isaac has quick hands and was able to catch it and set it free.

Sarah's store.
She was so excited to show me this stick covered with colorful lichen!
We loved eating in the dining room where we had such lovely views of the yard.
We learned after the first night that once it gets dark, these tiny flies swarm to any light they can get too.  The next morning after finding piles of dead flies at the base of lamps and even phone lights - we learned to keep the doors shut once the sun when down.
The kids found this frog in the pool one morning and named it "Carlos."  They kept it as a pet for a couple of days.
Turkey vultures often circled over the fields.
Addie enjoying a peach from the Apple Mountain Orchard.
My toes matched the color of my dress!
In preparation for his upcoming backpacking trip, Wes tried to go for a run every morning.  He usually came back dripping with sweat (so humid!) and covered with grass, bugs and tics.  
One morning he was so hot and sweaty, he just ran right into the pool!
So of course the kids had to try it out!

"Carlos" and Sarah.

Beetle colony!

One evening we decide to go out for dinner.  We found a little Mexican place and entered the address into google maps.  We were really enjoying the drive because it was very scenic and seemed to be taking us through some back roads.  Then all of a sudden we found ourselves in the middle of the Goochland Correctional Facility!  It was crazy!  After meandering around we eventually found our way out to the main roads and found the restaurant.  Not sure why google took us on that route but it turned out to be an adventure!

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