Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter Egg Decorating

Continuing the tradition from when I was a child - we had a great time decorating eggs this year.
Here is the collection we have so far.
It's fun to see as the kids get older how they make more elaborate designs.

Wes is always one of the last ones to come up with his design - but it is always amazing!  (Just like his Halloween pumpkins.)
Addie's egg
Isaac's egg
Got to get a close up of those skis!
Cate made two eggs - a bride...
And a girl in a snowball fight.

Sarah also made two eggs - one with a cheetah design (very appropriate)
And a little chick sitting on an egg in a nest.
My egg catching some rays in his hammock.

Weston's egg - a lovely monarch.

Happy Easter!

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