Monday, April 7, 2014

Sweet Sixteen - the Festivities!

Addie's birthday celebration started the day before her birthday.  She was joined by two close friends for ice skating, dinner at PF Changs and a performance of Big River at the Hale Center Theater.  It was the perfect to start to a wonderful weekend!

This year our dear friend and neighbor Sherri has given my kids the best birthday cakes they will ever have!  And she totally came through with Addie.
That night Isaac wanted to create a balloon booby trap for Addie when she woke up on her birthday.  Wes helped him set it up.
The next morning we met up with Papa, Kip, and Amy and Tess and their kids at IHOP for a birthday breakfast.  Addie received some very fun gifts.
Papa gave Addie this lovely ivory necklace that was purchased by her great, great, great grandmother and namesake Adeline Ross in 1919.  It is so beautiful and such a treasure!
The whole crew.
We surprised Addie with a trip to Wheeler Farms which is where her cousin Sarah volunteers.  The true surprise was yet to come!!!  Addie said hello to the horses (she has recently developed a love for horses and horseback riding).

Then Tess and Sarah surprised her with a leash and collar - but for what?!!!!  The collar had a tag with the name "Harold" on it.  But who's Herald?
Addie could not contain her excitement!!!

Introducing....... Herald!  Addie's new 1 month old goat.  Herald is a pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf mix.  He was born to Emmie - a goat that belonged to Tess.  We purchased him for Addie for her birthday.
It was a wonderful surprise for all the kids!

Herald was very playful and social - much more so that I expected.

In the pen next to Emmie and Herald was his father - a Nigerian Dwarf goat.

Another friendly goat saying hello to Papa.
Addie could not have been more thrilled with her birthday surprise (unless it would have been a horse!).

Cate with Emmie - Herald's mother.

After playing with Herald, we wandered around Wheeler Farms.
Isaac stump jumping.

That evening we attended the General Womens Meeting.  The excitement continued when Addie was asked to go to Junior Prom twice that night!!!!  But that is for another post...
The next day we had Grandpa Dave and Grandma Connie over for dinner. Grandpa Dave and Addie have the same birthday!

Happy Birthday to two wonderful people that we love so much!

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