Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Missed March Posts

There were a few important events in March that I neglected blogging about.
First - MY DAD TURNED 80!!  To celebrate, Kip arranged for a private tour of the Sacred Gifts exhibit at the Museum of Art at BYU.  Mark Magleby - the museum director guided us through the exhibit while sharing interesting information and his own personal feelings about the paintings.  It was very fascinating and a wonderful opportunity.  After we had ice cream at the Cougareat.

My dad is in a wheelchair because he injured his knee playing racquetball.  80 years old and still fit as a fiddle!  We love you Papa!
Isaac enjoyed at day at the state science fair.  He did not get any awards but he won this nerf gun at the raffle!  He was pretty pleased!
My cousin Randy married lovely Amanda!  What a sweet couple!  And the kids were lucky enough to perform a musical number at their wedding.
I love these beautiful ladies!
Sarah received an assignment at school to send in pictures of herself with her pets.  So here goes!.....
and Siegfried!
And we expect Harold the goat to be with us by next week!

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