Sunday, March 2, 2014

Valentines to the Grandparents

We spent the evening of Valentine's Day visiting Grandpa Great and Grandma Jan, Don and Great Grandma Eldine.  

First stop - Th'ol Bear - Grandpa Great.
He was thrilled with the Valentines the kids had made him.

 Here he is telling the story of how he won this hat that lights up at BINGO night at the local senior center.
 Next we delivered our Valentines to Grandma Jan, Don and Great Grandma Eldine.  Grandma Jan had a very special birthday surprise for Sarah Jane!  An entire Chinese outfit with matching shoes, a necklace with her name in Chinese and a Chinese purse!  Sarah was absolutely thrilled and couldn't wait to wear the outfit to school (she is currently in a Chinese immersion program at our school).  I especially love both Sarah and Eldine's mismatched socks.
 The perfect gift for our little China girl!  

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