Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday Afternoon Birdwatching Trip

I gave Wes a spotting scope for his birthday so we decided to finally put it to use and head out to Fairfield to see the Bald Eagles.  A group of Bald Eagles nest near Camp Floyd every year and we love to see them.  And with our new 9:00 am church schedule - we thought it would be a wonderful afternoon activity.
It was a clear, crisp, wintry day.

Unfortunately we were a little early in the day to see many eagles.  They usually roost in the late afternoon, early evening.  But we did see this one along with several others further away.  Wes set up his spotting scope and we got a very nice view.

Addie is months away from turning 16 and needed to practice her driving so she took the wheel and drove around the quiet, country roads.  We spotted several birds of prey along the way.  A few red-tailed hawks, which are definitely the most common and easy to spot.
Peregrine Falcon?

Many of the birds we had to view from within our car.  They would have flown away if we stepped out.

It was a wonderful family outing!

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