Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Clark Christmas Party

Papa and Kip hosted the Clark family traditional Christmas Party at their new condo.  They had it decorated so beautifully - I only wish I had taken more pictures!  It was cozy but still a lovely celebration.

This is a display of Kip's creche collection.
Papa put out the much-loved Santa collection.
After a yummy ham dinner, we had a Christmas program that we adapted from one my mom had put together several years ago for their Study Group.  Everyone read assigned scriptures and we all participated in singing Christmas hymns.
This year's cousins nativity.  Beautiful as always.
Sarah took her job as the angel with the star very seriously.

After the program it was time for cousin presents.
Kip had a special gift for all of the siblings.  During World War II, my grandfather D Elden Beck was stationed in Guadalcanal.  During this time he mailed to his family a piece of wood.  Yes - just a piece of wood that was local to the area.  He wrote the address on the piece of wood, attached a stamp and dropped it in the mail!  On discovering this piece of wood in the garage during the recent move from our house, Kip had a great idea.  He commissioned his friend to create a box from the wood - where the top would display the address and stamp.  We believe the wood to be coconut wood.

And then for each sibling - this same friend used the remnants of the piece of wood from Guadalcanal to make these special pens.
What a treasure!  

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