Monday, January 20, 2014

Cheetah Girl Breaks Her Arm

A couple of days after Christmas, we took the whole family skiing. Sarah did great and we came home without any incidents. Later that evening Wes and I took Isaac and a few of his friends to see The Hobbit.  Addie stayed home to babysit Cate and Sarah.  45 minutes into the movie, Wes got a text from Addie, "I think Sarah broke her arm!!!"  Darn!  We slipped out of the theater with arrangements to come pick up Isaac and his friends after the movie and hurried home.  Sarah was laying on the couch, moaning and then she showed us her arm.  She had been playing cheetah (of course) and climbing on top of the kitchen counter (of course).  She somehow fell off the counter and broke her arm.  Addie said it was very scary and was horrified when she saw Sarah's arm.  Addie screamed a couple of times but then pulled herself together to take care of her sister.  Addie said that Sarah didn't shed a tear.
Wes took Sarah to the ER where they sedated her and then set her arm.
Feeling a lot better after the meds kicked in.

Completely sedated.

After the weekend I took Sarah in to get her cast.  She chose orange because....
...she wanted a cheetah cast!  Of course!

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