Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Fall Break - Slot Canyons in Escalante - Part 2

The next day we hiked to two more slot canyons - Peek-a-boo and Spooky.
It took some scrambling to get into Peek-a-boo.  Of course it was easy for the kids.  Not so easy for me.

These slot canyons were absolutely incredible!!!!

Around every turn was a unique and stunning rock formation.

It was a very tight squeeze in some spots!
Wes filming with the GoPro camera.

Cutting across the desert to Spooky canyon.

Lunch break.

Spooky canyon was so narrow that at some parts I could barely squeeze through turned to the side.

But we made it!  And I was so proud of my kids (and myself!) for making it all the way through both canyons.  There were a couple of parts that were pretty technical.
Wes wanted to check out one last slot canyon - Brimstone.  So we walked along the dry stream bed - again admiring the beauty of the desert.

We happened upon an absolutely pristine, huge, untouched sand dune.  The kids could not resist so we played there while Wes hiked on to check out Brimstone.

Addie and Isaac caught a really cool lizard which they kept in a backpack to show their dad.

Unfortunately Brimstone was full of water so Wes returned and we started on our hike back.  We hiked down a short side canyon on the way.

The next morning it was pancakes in the pop-up for breakfast.

And on our drive home - we had to make a quick stop to run through the quaking aspen forest.  It was gorgeous!

My favorite kind of tree.

A wonderful trip - thanks to Wes for planning!