Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Fairy Village

This summer we decided to create a fairy village under the tree house stairs.  Our collection and creation built over the summer and it has been delightful for the family.  Addie (the one with the KT tape over her knees because of Osgood Schlatters - poor thing) has been the main caretaker and creator of this magical village.
A work in progress...

Addie created this tiny spinach garden!

This is Isaac's wizard's cottage - sadly not a very good picture.

This is the dragon's lair guarding the tiny fairy queen.

Addie created this tiny table and chairs on a bed of moss.
And this swing.

Most of our fairies and fairy houses came from DI.  Now we are always on the lookout for something fun to add to our collection.  Sadly - it is about time to pack up the village for the winter and then build it again next summer.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cinderella - Starring Cate and Friends!

Cate has a darling little friend who decided that she wanted to write and direct a version of Cinderella.  She cast the parts, wrote the script and directed the rehearsals.  Cate could not have been more thrilled to be cast in the role of Cinderella.  These cute girls worked so hard to memorize their lines and learn their songs.  They planned the costumes, props and everything.   We had no idea what to expect but we were excited!  

The day of the performance arrived!  Let the show begin!

Cate singing, "In My Own Little Corner."
The director/writer also played the part of the fairy godmother.

Cate wearing her magical ball gown!

And off Cinderella goes to the ball....

It was an all-female cast so the girl playing the prince had the most challenging role :-)
The ugly (but really darling) step-sisters.
And step-mother.

The glass slipper fits!!!!
The entire cast - they did such a fabulous job!
(Thanks to "E's" mom who supported these girls in their excitement and really made it all possible!)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Summer Catch-Up Post

Summer is coming to a close but I can't neglect to post about many other fun and important things that happened over the past few months.

Addie and a friend went to Especially For Youth at BYU in Provo.  It was such a great experience for her and she came home on a spiritual high!
We took the kids to the Stadium of Fire for the first time!  It was great fun - especially Kelly Clarkson and the fireworks!  They did not disappoint!

As per tradition - the sky divers brought in the Amerian Flag.
This dance was pretty cool!
Sarah got pretty sleepy towards the end but she pepped up for the fireworks!
Wes took Isaac and the scouts backpacking up to Red Pine Lake.  
They hiked to the top of Pfiefferhorn peak - the fifth highest peak in the Wasatch mountain range - over 11,000 feet!

Wes took Isaac on his official 12-year-old backpacking trip.  Grandpa Dave - the man who started the tradition - tagged along.  They backpacked to Ostler Lake.
They did some great fishing....
And hiking.  Here are Isaac and Wes at the top of Ostler Peak - over 12,000 feet.

Somewhere along the hike a boulder fell on Isaac's wrist, injuring him pretty bad.  He was in a lot of pain but happy that he didn't have to practice the piano or a cello for a few weeks!
There is a tiny white mountain goat in the middle of these rock cliffs.
The Polaris Ranger was very popular this summer with several rides up the canyon.  We were a little unlucky on this particular ride because the ranger actually stalled on us a couple of times.  But it eventually started again and we made it home safe and sound.
July meant swimming lessons for the little girls.  I thought I took a picture of Cate but I guess not.
My favorite quote was after Sarah jumped in the pool off of the diving board, she said to the teacher, "Oh by the way, I have a wedgie!"
Cate and I had a date at the Scera Shell to see The Sound of Music.
Addie has recently shown an interest in botany.  Specifically she has become obsessed with Bonzai trees.  She begged for me to take her to a local nursery that sold them.  Meet "Schefflera" - her new pet.  She takes it with her wherever she goes.
August brought with it some new pets to add to our zoo!  Two tiny monarch caterpillars (that weren't tiny for long!).
And Kevin the pigeon.  We found Max the cat chasing him in our yard late one night.  The kids wanted to rehabilitate him and then set him free. He stayed with us for a few days and at first he was pretty calm.  But he got pretty feisty so we knew it was time for him to fly, fly away.  So we let him free.
Hooray!!!!  Addie finally got her driver's permit!  Only about 6 months to go and she will get the real thing.
Getting ready to go back to school!  She's in high school and still fits in her locker!
 The only two left at the elementary school.
 Addie loves school supplies!
 Starting middle school - pretty awesome!  First day of school.
Max the cat has always been a hunter - a "gosh darn killer" as Wes calls him.  (Which is kind of ironic since he is also the sweetest most lovable cat around!)  In the past he usually killed a bird or a mouse once every couple of months (Yay for the mouse!  Nay for the bird).  But for a few days in August - he was killing a bird almost every day!  And two days in a row he actually caught and killed hummingbirds!  The first time the hummingbird was dead but since it was a fairly clean kill, the kids spent a few minutes examining the tiny bird up close - the tiny beak, feet, bright feathers and wings were fascinating.  The next day Max walked by with a hummingbird in his mouth again!  But this time it was still alive.  The kids made a quick rescue, held the tiny, shaking bird, put it in a cage for a few minutes until it started to beat its wings - and then let it go!  Very cool!  (I love this picture so much - especially Cate's face in the background.)
 Isaac announced to us last Spring that he wanted to play tackle football.  We did everything we could to talk him out of it (mostly for safety reasons) but he was determined!  So now we are in the middle of football season and even though he still has a lot to learn - he is having a blast!!  I really admire him for his hard work and determination.  Go Knights!
 We took the 3 oldest kids to see The Farley Family Reunion.  Cate didn't really get it, Addie and Isaac sort of got it and Wes and I laughed ourselves to tears!!!  
 Flowers around here are still in full bloom so one afternoon Addie helped the girls make flower crowns and a flower basket.  Lovely!
 Isaac is officially obsessed with Nike.  So one day while he was babysitting Sarah (ie cheetah girl), he dug this shirt out of the DI bag and made this t-shirt for her.  How perfect!
This picture was actually taken in April but I wanted to remember the lovely lunch I had with my dear old (not really old!) neighborhood friends.  So many fun memories with such outstanding women. 
Whew - I think I am officially caught up now!!!  At least for now....