Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thanksgiving at the Whispering Pines Cabin - Part 2

The weather was fabulous for the few days we spent at Sundance.  We decided to bundle up and hike to Stewart Falls.  It was a glorious, sunny day.
We passed a wintry pond with remnants of a beaver dam.

 Trudging trough the very same "meadow" where Liz and I used to play with our Sasha dolls.  The Collins' cabin was just up the hill to the left.
 Observing snow crystals.

 Blinded by the morning sun.

 Stewart Falls - icy and mossy all at the same time!

 Different versions of the family.

 Wes and Isaac decided to hike to the upper level of the falls before they took a cross-country route back to the cabin.
 Be careful!

 The hike was truly a highlight of the weekend for me!  

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