Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Catching up!  2013 Halloween festivities.
Carving pumpkins.
As usual, Isaac came up with his own idea - a falcon.
Sarah's crow.
Cate working on her Halloween cat.
Addie got tired of standing.  She carved a fox face.
After the pumpkin carving, we had a Halloween themed dinner.
A mummy pizza!
Mummy hot dog rolls and ghost mashed potatoes.  It was kind of thrown together at the last minute but the kids loved it!
The finished pumpkins minus Weston's.  He hadn't finished his pumpkin at this point.

My crazy creation.
Addie.  (Cate photo-bombing)
Later that evening - Wes created his masterpiece in 10 minutes with a jigsaw!
Scary Addie!
The costumes:
Addie the giraffe - she put together the costume herself.  
Isaac - Tony Stark (Iron Man)

As usual - Isaac broke out a different costume for trick-or-treating.  He was an awesome glow stick man!
Cate the sorceress (if her costume is vaguely familiar it's because Addie was the same thing when she was in 4th grade - I am a huge believer in recycling costumes!).  Wes made the staff.

Cate was lucky enough to wear my mom's traditional bat earrings that she wore every Halloween.  My mom loved those earrings!
Sarah as Dorothy (another recycled costume).

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Julie said...

I usually just carve a regular old face on my Halloween pumpkins! Your mummy pizza and other yummy mummy foods were to die for!! haha