Sunday, December 1, 2013

10th Birthday Party!

For Cate's 10th birthday party - we went to Carmella's Cottage for a manners tea party.  Cate was all dressed up and so excited!

The guests started to arrive.  Such lovely young ladies!

First, the girls received lessons on how to make proper introductions...

And how to politely answer the phone.
Then they had a table setting contest.

They learned how to fold cloth napkins in a fancy way.

After that the girls decorated strawberries with chocolate and sprinkles.

Finally, it was time for the tea party.  The girls received some instructions on table manners.

And then Cate got to ring the bell - time for tea!
The girls were served finger sandwiches, fruit, vegetables, lemon scones and cream.  They were so polite and proper!

Time for presents!

Happy Birthday Sweet Cate!
Darling friends!

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Ann Mitchell said...

You do the best activities with your family!