Tuesday, October 8, 2013

7th Annual Donuts in the Driveway

That time of year again! Since we couldn't find a time to have "Donuts in the Driveway" in October - we decided to squeeze it in (3 days before our 11 day trip to Europe!) in September.  The weather was perfect and we had more donuts and more people than ever before!
There is no way I could put on this event without many helping hands!  Jan and Eldine have been incredibly helpful the last couple of years in rolling out the donuts, keeping the cookers stocked and providing the most yummy orange glaze!  My neighbor Cathie also helped roll donuts this year along with my kids.  They had all the donuts cut and rising before we even started!  700 donuts!!!!!
Eldine (94 years old is it?) taking a well-deserved break after helping with the donut preparations.
Someone handed my dad this apron to wear and he wore it the entire evening!  My dad was also extremely helpful with the donut prep, donut cooking, keeping the drink containers full and general clean-up.  He is probably the hardest worker I know!  I couldn't do it without him!
The cookers.  Kip has been the best cooker from the very beginning of this tradition - again - couldn't do it without him!  And of course Wes is the best too.
The topping table - getting more diverse every year!  This year we added a coconut glaze, a chocolate mint glaze, maple cinnamon, cinnamon honey butter...yummy!  Thanks to all my friends to helped with the glazes!

The helpers are the first to go through the line!

I think there is a donut in there somewhere!
I think he boasts using every single glaze and topping!
Grandpa Great came for the fun and ended up posing for a portrait!
It was a wonderful evening!  Here are the stats:
182 people attended
700 donuts served
That's a lot of donuts!!!!

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Julie said...

I am sorry to have missed this!! What a fun event! Can't wait to read more about your trip!