Monday, August 5, 2013

City of Rocks - The little girls go camping with the grandparents

Cate and Sarah were lucky enough to go camping all by themselves with Grandpa Dave, Grandma Connie and the Evans family.  They went to City of Rocks!  Since I wasn't there, I will apologize to Dave and Connie in advance for not putting the pictures in chronological order.
I let Cate and Sarah narrate this post - in their own words.  So here we go... 
Cate:  "That's the first thing you can see from the campsite."
Sarah:  "City of Rocks. Cate touched that mountain."
Cate:  "Our campsite."
Sarah:  "That's when we first got there. Our first camping trip breakfast."
Cate:  "Setting up before the fire."
Sarah:  "These are the chairs."
Cate:  "Grandpa Dave."
Sarah:  "That's Grandpa Dave by the rock."
Cate:  "Connie."
Sarah:  "That's Connie just sitting there."
Cate:  "We did not hike to elephant rock."
Sarah:  "That's elephant rock. looks like an elephant."
Cate:  "That's me."
Sarah:  "That's Cate just walking."
Cate:  "Sarah has a big bunch of sticks to put in the fire."
Sarah:  "Me holding a lot of sticks."
Cate:  "Us at the top of treasure rock."
Sarah:  "Us waving our hands and climbing up on a little cliff."
Cate:  "We climbed a crack in the rock."
Sarah:  "Us up in that corner."

Cate:  "It was really steep."
Sarah:  "Us climbing down from the corner."
Cate:  "Me and Lauren."
Sarah:  "Cate and Lauren in the crack."

Cate:  "Me trying to get down."
Sarah:  "Cate climbed under that rock."

Cate:  "We are playing Argh."
Sarah:  "Us playing Argh and that's all the food scooted over there."
Cate:  "Sarah at the top of the tree."
Sarah:  "Me up in a tree that's really high.  Just climbed up there!"

Cate:  "We celebrated Lauren's birthday."
Sarah:  "We just wanted to celebrate Lauren's birthday.  And the cupcakes."
Cate:  "Us sitting around the campfire eating cupcakes."
Sarah:  "We are going to roast marshmallows and we are all singing Happy Birthday."
Cate:  "We are roasting marshmallows."
Sarah:  "That's us roasting marshmallows."
Cate:  "Connie talking about Carson."
Sarah:  "Us sitting on the table and looking at each other.  We were listening to Connie and that's when we got the bracelets."

Cate:  "We saw lots of rock climbers."
Sarah:  "We saw a person rock climbing on Elephant Rock.  Look at that!  Isn't that awesome!  And look at that all that lichen!"
Cate:  "Connie took a picture of a pretty cactus flower."
Sarah:  "That's a cactus flower."
Cate:  "Beautiful Lichen!"
Sarah:  "Lichen."
Cate:  "We saw three crows flying all around."
Sarah:  "Birds."
Cate:  "Landscape from our camp"
Sarah:  "We were walking on that and it was like straight down!  But we tiptoed across and the touched that mountain.  And at the very end it was like thin like paper but we got across!"
Cate:  "Beautiful sunset on the second night."
Sarah:  "That's the sunset with all the rocks.  That's a cheetah just standing there." (?)
Cate:  "We saw a lot of cows."
Sarah:  "Those are just cows everywhere.  Why would they take pictures of cows?"

Cate:  "We saw bird's nest."
Sarah:  "That's just a bird's nest."
Sarah:  "Me in the hot spring.  Do you know why my leg was sticking out?  Because that was where I got the scrape and it would sting if I put it in the water."
Cate:  "We went to the hot springs.  There was one that was warm and there was one that was cold.  We had a lot of fun!"
Sarah:  "Cate and Lauren were playing with their finger knitting bracelets."
Sarah:  "I was just floating in the water with my life jacket like a frog!  On my back."
Thanks again to Dave and Connie!  They sure are troopers!

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