Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Beard Experiment

The Pioneer Trek was the perfect opportunity for Weston and some other men in the ward to experiment with their facial hair (which obviously has more to do with manhood than I previously realized!).  You should have seen the hairy faces he was up against!

One week of growth.
2 weeks - he is trying so hard!  Cute dimples.
3 weeks - wait...is there actually more hair?  I do think I see a few!  What a handsome man!
4 weeks
5 weeks - this is how he looked on trek
Post-trek mug shot

Then it was time to have some fun!
Where is the mustache wax when we need it?!
He sported this look for a day.
No, he didn't go out in public looking like this!  The hair cut helps a little.
But he did try out the mustache for a day - wore it to work!  A solicitor that dropped by our house that day told me, "your husband reminds me of someone...oh I know!  Jeff Foxworthy!"  Nice.
The mustache was shaved off that night but not without first experimenting with another look - yikes!
Father's day was the Sunday after we returned home and the kids made this card for Wes.  Hilarious!!! 

Wes - you are a good sport for letting me poke fun of you in this post.  And no matter how much facial hair you can grow - you will always be my man!

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Julie said...

Thanks for posting this! Very funny and entertaining! Truly, each look is handsome - depending on the time period...right? Who is Foxworthy?