Wednesday, July 17, 2013

St. George Family Reunion 2013 - Day 2 - Zion, Nielsen's and "Field" Journals

It was another hot day in Dixie!  We drove to Springdale where we met up with my cousin and her husband who live there.  They took us in to Zion and showed us one of the their favorite spots for cooling off - this swimming hole.

Let the jumping begin!  Wes - with his GoPro in tow.
Frog collecting.

I was using my phone to take pictures and wasn't timing it right - so this is the only good picture of a jump that I got!  Nice straddle Shawn!

The frogs provided lots of entertainment.

After the cliff jumping we stopped for a snow cone in Springdale and said goodbye to our lovely and generous relatives.  We headed home, freshened up and then went to dinner at a Mongolian BBQ place.  The servers here are always so friendly and they send us away with plenty of origami.

For dessert we went to Nielsen's Frozen Custard - a long time family tradition.

Nice photo bomb Addie!

That evening Amy planned a family activity where we made "field" journals where we could record our experiences and memories and also collect items and specimens.  I also handed out "remember" rocks to each person to specifically remember Mom and all that she taught us about family, nature, St. George and life.

Weston's finished journal.  Love the leather knot!
Shawn's insect journal even had a belt loop clip!
Kip's "Americana" journal.
Nick of course had one of the most creative journals of the evening!

I wish I would have taken more pictures because all of the journals turned out great!  And the kids loved writing down their memories and collecting their keepsakes.

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