Friday, June 21, 2013

On Broadway New York City Tour

Right after school got out for the summer, Addie had the exciting opportunity to travel to New York City with her performing group at On Broadway Academy. I was lucky enough to tag along as a chaperone!
Day 1
We took a red eye flight out of Salt Lake City and arrived a little dazed after trying to sleep on an airplane full of lively and singing teenage girls and boys.

But we didn't waste any time!  After dropping off our luggage at the hotel, we visited the 911 memorial.  The two fountains built on top of the imprint of the two towers were beautiful - a wonderful tribute to those who lost their lives that day.  Our group sang a lovely arrangement of "The Star Spangled Banner" while we were there.

A tour guide then took us around to some local sites.  Like Washington Square.

And China Town.
Frogs for sale.

We had a short rest that evening and then saw Phantom of the Opera.  It was magnificent!
Day 2
The next day while the kids went to a dance workshop with the co-choreographer of Wicked (!), the chaperones had some free time to explore the city.
We went to see the Cake Boss Cafe.

We wandered through the Flatiron district and visited some fun shops.
We met up with the kids, grabbed a quick lunch and then visited Radio City Music Hall for a backstage tour.

The stage at Radio City Music Hall is 66 1/2 feet a deep and a full city block wide!  The hydraulics date back to the 1930's and are still used to manipulate the sets and stage.
When we visited, the backstage area was full of equipment for the production of the Tony Awards that was just a couple of days away.  We were even lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Neil Patrick Harris rehearsing the opening number.  He was in shorts and a t-shirt and at one point was walking on his hands across the stage. It was so cool!!!  Also - one of the owners of On Broadway Academy was one of the dancers in the opening number so we he was there rehearsing too.  Amazing!

The lady's powder room.
The toilets had automatic sanitary seat covers.
The decor was very art-deco.
Radio City Music Hall is home to the Rockettes so it was only fitting that we got to meet one of them!
And see some of their costumes.

Their famous domino fall done at every Christmas show.
We got a quick dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner - home of the singing waiters and waitresses.
Darling girls!

We tried to get a picture of Times Square behind us but the bus just would not move!
That night we saw Newsies.  We loved it!  The dancing was incredible!
Day 3
The kids had a vocal workshop in the morning where they were able to perform and get feedback from current Broadway actors.

It was quite an experience trying to navigate the subway with almost 40 people!  I just had to keep track of my 6 girls.
The kids had the wonderful opportunity to perform for the residents of Brown Gardens - a subsidized aging facility.  The people there were so warm and friendly and grateful to hear the young people sing.  It was such a sweet experience and a highlight of the trip for me.
We took a quick peek at Grand Central Station on our trip back to the hotel.  The kids decided to do a sort of flash mob and performed Micheal Jackson's Make that Change.  They got through the first verse and then were stopped by some policemen.
We had smoothies and crepes for dinner.
We saw Matilda that evening.  It wasn't my favorite show but the talent was amazing!  And it was very clever.  After both Newsies and Matilda we were able to stay after the show to have a "talk back" with the cast.  It was very cool!
Day 4
The next day was pouring rain.  The girls had one last workshop - a dance workshop that really pushed their abilities.  
In the afternoon a few of us braved the rain and walked to the Cupcake Cafe.  Yum! 

We went to Duke's Cafe for dinner and then some of us saw Wicked.  Always a favorite!!!
Day 5
Time to go home.  So sad.  Addie was absolutely decked out from head to toe in New York stuff.  She really made the most of it!
She bought the hat for Isaac.  He was thrilled.

It was a blast!!!


Anna said...

Oh man. That looks like it was amazing. Jealous! How fun that you got to do it with Addie.

Challey said...

How fun! Makes me heart ache to go back again! And Addie looked so cute in all her NY stuff.