Sunday, May 5, 2013

Oakley, Idaho - Part Three: Other Oakley Sites

The hospital where my dad was born.  It was a bank after that and it is currently the Oakley city offices.
My dad remembers the hospital being next to the jail.

The Howell mansion (one of many Victorian homes still standing in Oakley) surrounded by the classic Oakley poplar trees.

My dad and cousin Tom visiting Clark gravesites at the Oakley cemetery.
We drove up to the Oakley Dam to see the reservoir.
We also visited the Oakley museum.  The sign says this bench was seating for shoe fittings at the Oakley Merc.
This organ was removed from the Oakley tabernacle before it burned down.
An old fashioned hair curler!
The Oakley Fire Station.

The Day home - my uncle's relatives.
The John C. Clark home (my grandfather's cousin).  This home is actually for sale and we seriously considered purchasing it but we decided against the idea.

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