Friday, May 17, 2013

Catch-Up Post

I wanted to document a few things that have happened over the past couple of months that I forgot to blog about:
Cate played the youngest daughter, "Iris" in a production of The 12 Dancing Princesses.  She did a wonderful job and absolutely loved her costume!

As a special gift, Papa gave her this purse pin that belonged to my mother.
As a family we made a visit to my Aunt Helen that is staying in a care center.  The minute Sarah heard that we were going to visit - she started to make a card and gift (made of all things purple, Helen's favorite color).  All the kids sang a song - Sarah sang a solo.    They really enjoyed visiting my sweet Aunt Helen.
My dad with his older sister.

Isaac and Sarah had a little sibling swimming time.
Sarah did an animal diorama for kindergarten.  Take a wild guess as to what animal she chose!
Yep, a cheetah.
Addie was in a production of Oklahoma! at school.  She was in the ensemble and was a "dance captain."

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