Thursday, May 16, 2013

Anniversary Trip to.....Oakley, ID - Where Else?

Wes and I recently celebrated our 18th anniversary!  We didn't have time to do anything extravagant so instead we took a quick trip to Oakley.  I was anxious to show Wes the charming town and surrounding area.  We stayed at the Haight Home Bed and Breakfast.  Hector C. Haight (father to Elder David B. Haight) built this home in 1895 and with his wife raised 8 children here.  It's been beautifully restored and we had the whole house to ourselves!  (A couple of these pictures come from their website.)
 The Haight home is one of several Victorian-style homes still standing in Oakley.
The sitting room.
The dining room where we ate our homemade breakfast each morning.
The bathroom was actually quite luxurious!
The master suite.  The whole house is filled with lovely antiques.

One reason why we wanted to visit Oakley was to take a look at a historic Clark home that was for sale.  This home was built by my grandfather's cousin John C. Clark around the turn of the century.  It also has been beautifully restored - maintaining a lot of it's original charm.  As much as we were enamored with the home, we decided it was too far away and would require too much maintenance. 
After picking up some food at Clark's for Shopping for a picnic lunch  - we drove to the Oakley reservoir.  From there we started down the dirt road to City of Rocks.  We had been on the road about 15 miles when all of a sudden we heard rushing air and realized we had a flat tire.  Ugh.  We changed the tire and then headed about 60 miles to Burley where we had to replace all four tires!!!  
This rock is the culprit.
Two hours and several hundred dollars later - we finally made it to City of Rocks.  We went on a pretty hike and watched some rock climbers.
We had dinner at the Almo steakhouse (Pioneer Puddin' for dessert) and drove back to Oakley.  We went on an evening stroll, got an ice cream cone and wandered by the Howells Opera House where they were auditioning for their summer musical - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Wes even tried to audition - beard and all!  Of course they were thrilled but we had to break the news that we were only visiting.  But they were nice and it turned out that I was related to one of the women!  Small towns...
On our way back to the Haight home we ran across the woman who owns it.  She gave us a lot of interesting information.
We left early the next morning for home.  My dad stayed with my kids while we were gone and boy did he keep busy!  Look at what he did to our yard!  It has never looked better!  Thanks dad!!!

A few days later...the yard looked like this.  Yep - it's cotton season and it's only just begun.  Ugh.

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Julie said...

W looks very nice in a beard. Distinguished. Sounds like a great trip!! We have that cotton stuff everywhere too. I sweep it up and more of it drops on my head while I'm sweeping.