Thursday, April 18, 2013

Visiting My Mom's Grave and a Nostalgic Dinner at My Childhood Home

The day after we returned home from Spring break - we drove to my mom's grave to see the new installed headstone.  
It was lovely - unlike any other headstone in the cemetery.  Red sandstone - perfect for my mom.
Sarah now carries around this little purse that once belonged to my mom.
My dad and Kip came bearing sprigs of apricot blossoms from his yard - the perfect touch!

My dad and Kip had prepared a soup supper for us and feeling so reflective, I couldn't help but notice how nostalgic it all felt.  I longed for my childhood - when life was more simple.  Spring at my house was a magical time filled with apricot blossoms and violets blooming all over the yard.  So many years have passed and - thanks to the traditions put in place by my mom - I can relive these sweet memories over and over again.
My girls playing with the marble track - an oldie but a goodie.
My dad had picked violets from their yard to sprinkle on the salad.  My mom frequently used violets as garnishes for her salads and sometimes we would even make crystallized (sugared) violets as a lovely decoration for cakes or other desserts.
My dad arranged this bunch of apricot blossoms from one of the several apricot trees in our yard.

It was a meal of pure comfort food.  Just what we needed.

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