Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Break - Malibu

We were anxious to spend a week with just our little family.  We packed up the van and headed to California.  We stopped in Vegas where we spent the night at our friend's condo.  It was late by the time we arrived but the kids couldn't help taking a dip in the heated pool - in the dark.
We woke up Easter Sunday - had a small Easter service with just our family - and then got on our way.
We found a really awesome park outside of Vegas where the kids ran around, played in the sprinklers and got their wiggles out before the next stretch of driving.

We were foolish to think we could find someplace nice to have Easter dinner.  Everything was closed so we ended up at IHOP.  That will be an Easter to remember!

We arrived in Playa del Rey in the early evening on Sunday.  We had rented a condo right on the beach and we were looking forward to nice relaxing week.  The condo was perfect - charming and stocked with everything we could possibly need (even a patio heater for those chilly mornings and evenings).  The patio was our favorite part about the condo where we spent many afternoons napping and reading.

We lit the tiki torches in the evening.

But more than anything - the kids could not wait to hit the beach.  Sadly - being the first week in April - it was cold!  The water was cold and the air was cold.  But the kids were so excited, they didn't really care.

They played in the waves and the sand and found little shells and creatures to collect.

Wes helped them dig a sand pit.

For some reason I kept finding Sarah with her swimsuit on over her underpants!!  No matter how many times I would tell her not to do that!

Yes I put Sarah in a life jacket at the beach.  It might be overkill but it makes me feel much more relaxed when the kids are playing in the water.

Sarah doing her "cheetah" run.
The beach = lots of sand

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Julie said...

FUN!! You guys should just homeschool and travel around the world...