Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring Break - Malibu Part 3 (Pictures that I forgot about!)

I ran across some pictures on my phone that I wanted to include for the record of our Spring Break trip to Malibu.

On the way down we probably saw 2 dozen signs for Alien Fresh Jerky in Baker, CA.  The kids were dying to stop and we all needed to stretch our legs.

The (beef) jerky was some of the best I tasted and we stocked up for ourselves, family and friends. 
Another beach activity - dollar store kites. 
 And resting.
 The condo - we stayed in the bottom level.
 We visited my cousin Dianne and her family in Laguna.  We enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Wind & Sea at Dana Point and then went back to their house for hot chocolate (yes it was that cold) and games.  Fun memory:  "I will smash that carrot!  I will not eat it!"
 We saw some rowers at Dana Point.
 We spent an afternoon at the Santa Monica Pier and let the kids ride the carousel and have old fashioned sodas (eat your heart out Disneyland!).

 We had the yummiest breakfast in Manhattan Beach our very last morning.  We walked around the little shops and didn't want to leave!
The kids (and Wes) finally got their thrill ride on the way home.  We stopped in Prim for lunch where the kids took a ride on the Desperado - located at Buffalo Bill's Casino and Resort.  It is one of the tallest roller coasters in the world!  I was more than happy to watch with Sarah Jane - roller coasters are definitely not my thing.  But what a grand finale it was!!!

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