Monday, April 15, 2013

A Few Road Trip Recommendations

I really enjoyed this road trip because we spent less time watching (or listening) to dumb movies and more time listening to audiobooks  (thanks to audible!) and stories.  My friend Elise recently introduced me to the nationally recognized storyteller, Donald Davis.  Now we are huge fans.  His stories are hilarious and his accent is charming.  Here are a few that we have enjoyed.

My other friend, Scharman recommended the Greathall Productions so we bought the Greek Myths and the Old Testament.  Also very entertaining and educational!
My friend Janessa recommended this book that I have been reading aloud to my kids for the past few months.  We are only about half way through but my kids are really enjoying it (and I am enjoying reading it to them - it's been a while!).  It is based on a true story!
Another Janessa recommendation was The Wee Free Men.  We loved listening to The Nation by Terry Pratchett last Spring break so we were excited for another one of his adventures.  Again - we are only halfway through but it has been fun.
And finally - my own private reading.  I just finished Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson.  It is the true account of some deep sea divers that discovered a German u-boat off the coast of New Jersey.  This book was exciting, intense, mysterious, educational, scary and funny.  I highly recommend this book however there is some pretty strong language.

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Anonymous said...

I second your recommendation of Shadow Divers. I have absolutely no experience with or interest in scuba diving, but I found this book riveting.